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I´m a film

with 20 years of experience in the field. Focused on the creation and coordination of content for TV and cross media. Specialized in format development and realization, resources, team building and team management. From start to finish production for local tv, cable tv and web content.


I make comprehensive cinematic productions.

What I do?

- The birth of the creative idea embodied in a script.
- Production, I coordinate all the elements that are needed in order to make the piece.
- Post production. Editing, design and motion graphics applied to the piece.
- Focus on social networks.

Who for?

- TV channels.
- Content producers
- Social media for Companies


I am a part of a community of producers, scriptwriters, filmmakers, cinematographers, editors, post-producers and designers of the filmmaking industry, and who work in partnership and by projects. This collaborative work dynamic allows allocating only the necessary resources for the development of each idea and carrying it out in a multidisciplinary way, exponentially enriching the final results.



About Me

While I was studying filmmaking I started working in Cuatro Cabezas Company. I acquired experience and learned to produce all sorts of content: documentary, journalistic, fiction, reality tv and advertising. Little by little I started travelling around Latin America working for Discovery, NatGeo, History Channel, among others.

Good results led me to travel the world, (or a bit of it) working for different projects over the years. Adding experience regarding filmmaking, teamwork and knowledge, creativity in cinematic language.

I decided to start working as a freelance and continued filming throughout Latin America. From adventurous projects such as entering the Amazon Rainorest or crossing the Andes on horseback, to documentary scripting, editing pieces for social media and working as a local fixer for foreign producers. I had the opportunity to work and learn from the BBC, NATGEO (USA), CHANNEL 4, ABC among others.

I am always willing to take on projects with responsibility and creativity and keep learning and building experience in cinematic language.


I have worked with this companies: